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Your dog would go to the ends of the earth with you.

So bring along the most technically superior athletic dog outerwear ever designed.
Meticulously researched and tested to regulate temperature, deflect moisture, and reflect light.
The award-winning Molosser Aegis dog outerwear.
The best jacket in the world for the best dog in the world. Yours.

The Aegis Award-Winning All-Weather Dog Outerwear.

$495 USD

Easily adjustable for a wide range of chest sizes.
Variable leg sizing for comfortable fit.
Reflective laminates ensure 360° low-light visibility.
Snap closure for easy on/off operation.
Weatherproof design locks out rain, standing water, snow, dirt and road salts.
Cord-lock for convenient neck adjustment.
Available in Explorer Orange and Artic Grey.

Sizing Guide

For the best fit of your dog’s jacket, we recommend using a tape measure (or a piece of string you can measure later). Measure the length and chest of your dog, as shown in the adjacent image. Then find the size in our table below.

1. Dog’s Length

Measure from top of your dog’s collar area to the base of the tail.

2. Dog’s Chest

Measure around the widest part of rib cage behind the front legs of your dog.

Measure XXS XS S M L XL
Length 11″-15″ 14″-20″ 19″-25″ 24″-28″ 26″-30″ 30″+
Chest 13″-19″ 18″-22″ 20″-27″ 26″-30″ 28″-33″ 33″-40″

Order now and get the Aegis Utility Carry Bag

Designed for bringing your Aegis jacket to and from your adventures, this lightweight, waterproof bag helps to protect your car, home and relatives from water, mud and whatever else you two got into that day.