How To Have The Best Road Trip Ever With Your Dog

Summer’s here and that means time to plan your next vacation! There’s nothing better than packing up and heading out for an amazing road trip. 

Of course, you want to bring your four-legged bestie and favorite travel companion along…but sometimes keeping them happy in the car for long periods of time isn’t the easiest task. 

We’ve put together a list of our favorite tips and tricks to make a road trip with your furry friend a success! Read on to find out how. 

Take a Long Walk before You Leave

You and your furry friend are about to spend a good chunk of time sitting in the same spot. To make the trip successful, get outside and get some vitamin D before you leave! 

A long walk will help get some energy out ahead of time, which means hopefully your pup will take a little nap in the car on the drive!

Plan Out Your Stops in Advance

Plan out your stops in advance. When you map out your drive look for dog-friendly rest stops and gas stations.

You know that you and your pet are going to need some breaks along the way. The last thing you want is to be caught with no convenient place to stop.

Check out hikes or dog parks along the way, grab a meal on a pet-friendly patio together, or see if there’s a local lake to take where you can stop for a picnic. Your pet will need to get the zoomies out after being in the car for a while, and you might too!

Cover Your Seats

Is your pet a shedder or a drooler? Even if they aren’t normally, sometimes the excitement of a car ride can cause them to. Even worse—some dogs get car sick after a long drive. 

Be ready by covering your seats. You can get fancy seat covers, or just take an old fitted sheet and wrap the whole backseat. Lay some old towels down on the floorboard. If your pup is prone to accidents, put a puppy pad under the sheet to prevent any stains or odors. 

Don’t forget to pack a laundry bag with a clean set of sheets and towels for the ride back. This also comes in handy if there’s an accident, making it easy to clean up and change out.

Pack Snacks and Water for Both of You

One of the best parts of a good road trip is binge eating your favorite treats! Your pet would love to do the same. Grab yourself some beef jerky, and grab some pet jerky for your buddy.

You can grab them a new bone or chew treat to keep them busy on the drive, or fill a rubber toy with cheese or peanut butter and take it out when they start getting antsy. 

Remember to give treats in moderation—you don’t want to make your dog sick, but you do want to reward them for being the perfect travel buddy! 

Make sure to pack a water bottle and a travel bowl as well so they have plenty of available water.

Bring Comfort Items for the Ride

Does your pet have a favorite blanket? Do they love their dog bed? Do they have a favorite toy? Bring them with you.

Set them up a comfy spot to hang out in the car. They are less likely to get anxious if they feel like they are at home. You can even lay an unwashed t-shirt down with them—the smell of you will help keep them calm!

They Might Need a Little Extra Help

If your pet is normally on the anxious side, they might need a little extra help staying calm during the drive. 

Look into pet-friendly melatonin or lavender oil, or grab them some treats with CBD in them. Less anxiety means a better trip for everyone. 

If you need something a little stronger, talk to your vet ahead of time to see if you can give your pet a little bit of Benadryl. They’ll be able to advise you on the right dosage and let you know if it’s safe for your pet.

Pack an Emergency Kit

For any sort of long trip you should have an emergency roadside kit—make sure you are prepared for your furry friend as well.  Pack extra dog food, extra water, flea treatment, some shampoo or wipes, and any medications they take. 

Making a doggy first aid kit is also a good idea too depending on what your trip entails. Bring tweezers, a comb, some hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol, and some gloves. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Enjoy Your Adventure!

Remember that the journey is the adventure, especially for your pet! Take the hikes along the way, stop at the cheesy attractions, sing all the songs you would normally be too embarrassed to sing

Make your trip memorable and have fun! Take pictures and grab souvenirs—there’s nothing like taking a trip with your furry best friend. After all, there’s no one who loves you more than your pet!

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