Fun Ways to Help Your Dog Beat The Heat This Summer

The weather is getting warmer, and that means more chances to get outside and have fun with your pup! 

But heat isn’t always a dog’s best friend. Many breeds are prone to heat exhaustion, overexertion, and even heat stroke!

Fortunately, there are plenty of fun ways to help your pet cool down and beat the heat. Read on to find out our top tips for keeping your dog cool this summer and have fun doing it.

Cool Down With Some Ice Water

As simple as it sounds, one easy way to help your dog stay cool is by giving them ice water. Not only will they stay extra hydrated, but they’ll love crunching the ice!

Keep in mind that some older dogs might struggle with large ice cubes. So if your pet is a senior, try giving them soft or crushed ice instead. 

If you want to try something fun for a little added treat, freeze some bone broth and add it to their water every so often. This is an extra great snack after a long hike—broths have electrolytes that can help rehydrate your pet after a long day in the sun.

Make Them Some Pup-sicles

What’s more nostalgic than a popsicle on a hot summer day? Why not make one for your pup.  Instead of using a popsicle stick, which can splinter, try using a dog treat—so they get an extra surprise when they finish the pup-sicle.

Plenty of pet stores offer varieties of dog ice cream and pup-sicles, but they are easy to make at home, not to mention healthier.  You can make them with leftover food you probably have in your fridge. 

Try freezing some plain yogurt or broth for your pup-sicle. If your dog is a peanut butter lover, mix that with bacon grease.  It might not sound like your ideal combo, but your pup will love it!

Check out some online recipes, like this list, which has delicious flavors, including cantaloupe and apple honey. Experiment with different ingredients and discover which ones your dog will love. 

Put a Wet (or Frozen) Bandana on Them

If you like to take long walks or hikes in the summer with your cqnine friend, try cooling them off with a wet bandana. You can wet the one they are wearing with your water bottle, or even freeze one overnight to take with you. 

A nice wet or frozen bandana will help keep them from getting overheated. It’s hard to be outside in the sun with a full fur coat on! 

Make Them a Pet Oasis With a Play Pool

Not all of us have a pet-friendly pool to go to in the warmer months. To keep them cool on warm days, set your pup up with their own play pool! 

You can often find an inexpensive small plastic pool at stores. If your dog doesn’t have sharp nails, you can even grab an inflatable one. For the littlest pups, you can use a large storage tub.

Fill the pool with water and throw a favorite toy in there so they can play. Your dog will love splashing around in their own personal swimming hole. If you have room, spring for a big one so you can hop in yourself and have some summer fun together! 

Freeze Some Of Their Favorite Treats

There’s nothing more refreshing than some healthy frozen snacks for your pup.  Dogs often love frozen blueberries and they are great for them. You can also freeze small cubes of mashed sweet potatoes or oatmeal and peanut butter. 

Freeze the treats ahead of time and bring them in a baggie when you head out for warm-weather walks or day trips to the dog park. You’ll have a go-to healthy snack for your pup that keeps them cool.

Visit a Splash Pad

Splash pads aren’t just for small kids—dogs love them too! Splash pads offer the best of both worlds—water to play in and a whole park to explore. You and your dog can run around and splash then go explore the trails.

Just keep in mind that your pup will probably be sharing space with small kids at a splash pad. This experience works best if your dog is already friendly and used to kids. 

Take a Trip to a Local Lake or Pond

They say the best things in life are free, and what’s better than a day at the lake or a local pond? 

Pack up for the day and enjoy a lakeside picnic followed by a dip in the water. Bring along a towel or some doggie wipes, depending on how muddy you plan to get. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water and a treat.

Have Fun in the Sun

With some thoughtful planning, you can make summer fun and safe for your four-legged pal. Just make sure to pay attention to your dog’s warning signals, like panting or excess drooling, and offer plenty of water on all summer outings.

Regardless of what you choose to do, have fun in the sun with your favorite friend. Your dog will appreciate the quality bonding time and the extra effort you put in to keep them cool. 

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