Can you ship my dog jacket as a gift?2017-03-28T15:46:26+00:00

Yes, we can ship to a different address than the credit card. Please indicate in your order that it is a gift and we’ll include a note if you wish.

When I put the jacket on my dog, it’s too big. What can I do?2017-08-22T15:40:34+00:00

Please send the jacket back to us after you secure an RMA from us.

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How do I know what size jacket to order?2017-09-28T13:10:25+00:00

For the best fit of your dog’s jacket, we recommend using a tailor’s tape measure (or a piece of string you can measure later). Reference our sizing guide. Measure the length and chest of your dog. Use our sizing guide to determine which size Molosser jacket will best fit your dog.

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