Dog Sitters, Dog Boarding and Dog Hotels


If you’re planning a family vacation, for a midwinter or spring break, it’s wise to plan your dog’s vacation too. At Molosser Apparel, we hope you can take your dog on the adventure with you. But if that isn’t feasible, you have some work to do.  When planning, consider how to mirror your daily routine if someone else is assuming your pet responsibility. Document everything. Should you get a dog sitter? Is boarding your dog with a local dog kennel OK? Or do you want to put your pet up in a fancier dog hotel?

Dog Boarding Considerations

To get you off on the right paw, these topics should help find the solution that serves you best.

  • Size matters! The space your pet requires for comfort and exercise is an essential metric for your decisions.
  • Ciao/Chow! Your absence might influence the eating habits of your pal. Monitoring the food bowl and water dish requires more than a casual glance.
  • Gotta Go! Keep the patterns for this activity on schedule.
  • Does this collar make me look fat? Exercise and companionship maintain a healthy, happy pet.
  • Did I take my pill? If medicines are given, someone needs to know all of the details.

Dog Boarding Options

After you have identified those answers, consider where your dog’s breed and personality are best managed. It’s not always a perfect fit.

Dog Sitters. Your current environment might be the best and least expensive choice. Familiar surroundings and a trustworthy sitter are ideal. If you can get overnight services included with daylight care and feeding, you’re golden. This decision requires a trusted friend or an experienced professional.

Dog Day Care. These locations may be in a home, a dedicated commercial space or within a major pet supply business. Verify certifications and business licenses and check reviews & customer comments. Depending on the size, staffing and location, doggy day care centers often provide exercise runs, common play areas and grooming options. They may not offer overnight boarding or veterinary services.

Dog Boarding. Think of a dedicated commitment to keeping your pet, your pet. The term kennel might conjure an image of less than desirable surroundings. The fact is that some form of enclosure will define your pet’s space at certain times during a stay. Boarding facilities offer an extended menu for activities and services to keep your pet active and acknowledged. The service agreement provides for availability (or not) of veterinary services.

Dog Hotels and Ranches. Brace yourself and hold on to your wallet when you look into this new arena of pet pampering. Urban enclaves exist for those into massage and yoga. More active and outdoorsy breeds ride in a limo to a suburban ranch. You’ll be hard pressed to keep up when the HDTV is turned on after the bed is turned down for your pet. Spend your dough on FIDO at the boutique of your choice. You’ll have to research it to believe what you can find!

Other Factors to Review

As you gather information, measure the safety, security, supervision and sanitation within each dog boarding option. In turn, you must provide immunization certificates, veterinary history and a recap of how your pet acts and reacts to a variety of stimuli. You are the advocate for your pet and the one who can make the right choice for the dog. Spend time researching, visit the services, ask friends or others with similar breeds about their successful experiences.


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