6 Cool Adventures for You & Your Dog

Looking for a change of scenery? How about spending some quality time with your family? How about including your dog in the fun too (who wants to be left home alone when everyone goes out for a FAMILY outing?!?)? Here are six cool dog adventures for you and your family…

1. Take your dog camping! Spending time in the outdoors is a great way to bond with your dog!

Getting back to nature isn’t just good for you – your dog may love it too. Plenty of room to run, fewer automobiles, more smells and new adventures await.

2. Visit local streams and rivers and let your dog wade and swim.

If your dog loves to splash in the water, try venturing out to a local lake, a river or, if you’re on the coast, the ocean. And don’t forget your dog’s Aegis jacket to keep warm, dry and comfortable…

3. Rent a cabin by a lake or a room at a dog-friendly bed & breakfast!

What better way to bond with your dog than a cozy weekend away from home in the winter. You get a mini-vacation and your dog gets to experience something new and exciting.

4. Take your dog hiking. Many trails are marked as “dog friendly”.

Hiking gives you both a chance for exercise and interaction with nature. Many urban areas even have access to local hiking areas – try checking out Trails.com.

5. Visit friends or relatives in rural areas with plenty of land to explore.

If you have friends outside of the city, your dog may love to visit them too! Fresh air, new areas to romp and interesting things to play with will bring dog smiles.

6. Run around in the snow with your pup. Throw snowballs for your dog to chase.

Snow is a toy of its own! Your dog may love plowing through the snow, biting snowballs, making dog angels (well, they’re more like holes…) and sharing time with you outdoors.

Cool Adventures for You and Your Dog

Dogs love adventures too – getting out of the normal confines of home and into some exciting terrain or different conditions can be so much fun. Whether you visit the woods, take a water adventure or hike in the mountains, you’re both likely to enjoy the time away and the change of scenery, as well as the chance to commune with nature…

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