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Limited Time Offer – Early Birds

If you are always looking for a big adventure and are a forward thinker or "early adopter", then this is a great offer for you... We know you love your dog, and that's why you'll love this offer: for the first 50 customers, we'll include an Aegis Carry Bag (a $149 value!). What are you waiting for?

When Dogs Fly

Molosser Apparel believes that companionship with your dog is valuable to you both and that more time together solidifies the bond. In that pursuit of that time, we wanted to share some ideas about flying with your dog, which presents both risk and reward.

Dog Sitters, Dog Boarding and Dog Hotels

If you're planning a family vacation, for a midwinter or spring break, it's a good idea to plan your dog's vacation too. Consider how to mirror your daily routine if someone else is assuming your pet responsibility. Document everything. Should you get a dog sitter? Is boarding your dog with a local dog kennel OK? Or do you want to put your pet up in a fancier dog hotel?

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