7 Amazing Dogs Throughout History that Have Accomplished Unbelievable Feats

We all know that our dogs are capable of amazing things. We see it in the way they learn our words, the way they comfort us when we’re feeling low, and the way that they can be protective, cuddly, wise, or silly depending on exactly what we need.

Many dogs throughout history have proven that they truly are incredible creatures. From heroic war actions to saving children, these dogs have shown bravery, protection, and love. 

Read on to hear about 7 amazing dogs throughout history that showed that dogs can do anything they put their minds to! 

Trakr the German Shepherd

After the events of 9/11, the world became familiar with Trakr the German Shepherd. He arrived at Ground Zero with the first wave of responders as they started sorting through the wreckage. 

Trakr actually found the last survivor of the attacks, buried beneath the rubble. Thanks to his heroic efforts, many victims were found and identified. After 9/11, he was awarded the Extraordinary Service to Humanity Award by Dr. Jane Goodall. 

Swansea Jack the Retriever

Swansea Jack, a black retriever, started out as a normal dog in Wales in the 1930s. But his feats would eventually prove he was anything but usual! 

Jack was hesitant around the water, and his owner wanted him to build confidence, so he sent him out to swim with some local boys. He would protectively grab onto the boys’ shirts and drag them out of the water. 

This habit came in handy when a 12-year-old boy accidentally fell off the docks. Jack jumped right in and saved him! That wasn’t the only time he rescued someone at the docks. Swansea Jack saved at least 27 people and at least one other dog in his lifetime!  

Jack received international attention and multiple awards, including the Bravest Dog of the Year from the PDSA and two bronze medals from the Canine Defence League. 

Peritas the Molossian

Tales and myths about Alexander the Great’s dog, Peritas, have been told for centuries. Legend has it that he was a fierce defender of his owner and best friend. 

He once fought off a war elephant to keep him away from Alexander and stood by his side in countless battles. 

The city of Peritas, India is named after him, and Alexander had a tomb built at the entrance of the city with a statue to honor him. 

Jofi the Chow

Dogs are often used in therapy. Whether as part of a treatment process or as emotional support animals can help people get through difficult times.

But Jofi, Sigmund Freud’s dog, was one of the early ringleaders of this idea. Freud adamantly believed that dogs could calm people and would often bring Jofi into his office as part of his patients’ therapy. He even used her to help determine his patients’ states of mind and keep track of time for their sessions.

Sergeant Stubby the Bull Terrier

When a stray mutt showed up at a military training camp during World War I, nobody knew what a big role the little guy would play.

Private Conroy was instantly enchanted by Stubby and brought him along to France when the troops departed. Not only did Stubby provide cuddles and comfort to the troops, but he also proved to be a tremendous asset to the soldier’s safety. Stubby alerted his division before bombs would strike and ran through trenches to warn them about incoming gas attacks. 

Stubby later received several awards and accolades, including a gold medal presented by General John Pershing. 

Chips the German Shepherd

Stubby wasn’t the only war dog that made a big impression on history. The German Shepherd Chips was an American service dog trained during World War II. 

Chips had a long history of dedicated service, including being part of the 1943 invasion of Sicily. There, he charged a German soldier who was attacking the American troops with a machine gun, removing the gun and helping capture 10 German soldiers. 

For his valiant efforts during the war, he received a Silver Star and a Purple Heart. 

Balto the Husky

In Nome Alaska in 1925, a diphtheria epidemic hit, leaving countless people sick and dying. A brave group of mushers volunteered to face the harsh winter and travel by sled 500 miles away to Anchorage for medical supplies.

Balto was just three years old and relatively inexperienced, but he was chosen as one of the most reliable dogs to lead a sled. 

He led the final leg of the journey, ensuring that medicine was brought to the city, and saving many lives. 

A statue was built in Balto’s honor in Central Park, and the 90’s movie Balto that tells his story remains a beloved classic for many.

All Dogs are Amazing

These are just a few of the dogs that have shown amazing feats throughout history. Dogs have traveled the country to find their owners, saved children, and proven time and time again that they truly are man’s best friend.

So next time you get annoyed by a fit of barking or a chewed shoe, remember these seven dogs and give your pup an extra pat on the head—who knows what they might accomplish one day. 

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