5 Ways to Accessorize your Dog for Chilly Winter Days

Happy New Year Molosser Pack and welcome to our first blog post of 2022! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with your furry friends and family. 

As we continue into these chilly winter days, we want to share 5 ways to accessorize your furry best friend. Our goal is to keep your dog warm and safe in all seasons, especially in winter. Whether you splurge on canine apparel on a regular basis or more on a seasonal need, we have outlined some great tips to help bundle up your pup for the cold months ahead.

First, we suggest adding an extra layer for your dog when you two venture out on these super chilly days. These layers could be a sweater or a jacket, depending on your dog’s breed. Hairless breeds need extra protection against the cold. Our Molosser All-Weather Aegis Jacket is offered in a variety of sizes as well as two colorways. This jacket is a great item against these cold months and will still allow your furry adventurer to have plenty of fun.

Second, make sure walks are comfortable. Just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean your pup should stop getting their exercise. The key is to dress your dog appropriately and protectively, gauge the current temperature and wind and decide what is needed. Dressing them warmly and comfortably enough will ensure they won’t catch a chill while playing in the snow. 

Third, we recommend something waterproof. In the case of snowy explorations, we want your dogs protected as much as possible. For regions with heavy snowfall, we recommend a full-body dog snowsuit, which will keep them warm from head to tail. If your furry friend has longer ears and thicker hair around their ears, we also suggest a “Snood”. Snoods will go over your dog’s head and ears keeping their precious faces warm against the wind and snow. 

Fourth, keep those paws dry! Dog’s paws are super sensitive and susceptible to frostbite and other damage from salt and snow-melting chemicals. Winter dog booties not only keep their paws protected but will prevent dangerous slips and falls on potentially icy patches. They will allow your adventure buddy extra traction through snow and ice to help keep the adventure going. Dog winter booties come in all colors and sizes and can be quite fashionable, along with being practical. 

Last, we recommend creating a cozy space at home for after snowy adventure. Once you and your furry buddy are back inside, help make them feel comfy and warm again by bundling them in a big blanket for extra heat retention. Make their doggie bed extra cozy by putting their favorite stuffed animal inside. Creating a warm and inviting space for them to snuggle up into will be such a nice environment for them to return to and help them rest easier after a long day of fun.

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