5 Organizations that Make the World a Better Place for Dogs

Are you passionate about helping dogs? Looking to adopt a new friend from a great organization? Or perhaps your home is full but your heart is ready to help out an animal rescue organization that’s doing great things.

At Molosser, we’re dedicated to giving back. That’s why we donate a portion of all our proceeds to rescue organizations.

There are some amazing organizations out there that are working to help dogs everywhere, and they could all use your support! 

Read on to find out about five impressive organizations that are working to make the world a better place for dogs.

Companions Without Borders

CWOB is an international rescue program dedicated to serving dogs with backgrounds of homelessness or neglect on both sides of the Mexico/United States border. 

The founders, Christi and Mancho Cablor, started the organization in 2001 after witnessing dogs in need in Mexico and realizing that resources to help them were limited. 

The organization consists of four main parts—a rescue located in Mexico, a rescue located in the Central Valley of California, and animal wellness clinics that offer vet services and spay/neuter services in low-income areas in both the United States and Mexico. 

CWOB also works with other organizations to spread the word on safe and humane rescue services to help dogs in impoverished situations. Their efforts have impacted the lives of more than 50,000 dogs. 

You can adopt a pet from Companions Without Borders, apply to foster, donate or volunteer with the organization at their website.

Rogue Detection Teams

Rogue Dogs is not your ordinary dog rescue service. They rehabilitate rescued dogs and train them to become conservation detection dogs, who locate endangered or hurt animals so they can be treated and saved. 

They find their potential “conservation superheroes” in shelters across the country, often choosing the dogs that have been labeled wild and unable to become pets. Then they travel across the globe to rescue animals!

Rogue Dogs partners with scientists, conservation groups, universities, and nonprofits and are willing to travel anywhere there is a need. They have helped animals like pangolins, wolves, cheetahs, orca whales, and spotted owls!

You can learn more about them by downloading their free ebook or watching a presentation about their efforts on their website. You can also make a purchase from their Amazon Wishlist to help them out.

Best Friends Animal Society

Located in Utah, Best Friends is the largest U.S. animal sanctuary, housing around 1600 animals at any given time! Visitors and volunteers can roam the sanctuary and interact with animals in the different areas, including Dogtown, Horse Haven, and Cat World. 

Best Friends also partners with more than 3,200 other shelters and rescues, helping to find homes for unwanted animals all across the country. 

They are pioneers in the no-kill shelter movement, educating and promoting the idea even among other shelters. In fact, their overarching mission, No-Kill 2025, is to help all shelters in the United States become no-kill by 2025. 

To get involved, consider sponsoring a sanctuary animal or applying to volunteer at either the Utah sanctuary or one of the organization’s regional partners.  Visit the website to get started. 

Philippine Animal Welfare Society

Established in 1954, PAWS is a volunteer-based organization working to fight animal cruelty, dogfights, and pet neglect. 

Their shelter, PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center, rescues animals involved in court cases and works to find them loving homes and second chances. 

The organization also offers spay/neuter services to help battle the number of unwanted pets in the Philippines, and actively works on lobbying campaigns to support pro-animal legislation. Their efforts led to the Philippine Animal Welfare Act, which was passed in 1998.

You can donate to PAWS or apply to become a volunteer or adopt an animal from the shelter on their website.

New York Bully Crew

The New York Bully Crew is committed to saving pit bulls, adopting them out of kill shelters and working to find homes for them. They also work to educate people on the myths about pit bulls. 

Though they specialize in work with pit bulls, this organization also helps dogs of other breeds who are abused or neglected. 

You can adopt, donate, or foster through the website, along with shopping bully crew merchandise to help the organization out! 

NYBC was founded in 2010 by pitbull lover Craig Fields and has helped save hundreds of dogs from shelters across the United States and Canada. 

The World Can Be a Better Place for Dogs

You work to give your dog the world, but there are so many other dogs out there that need food, love, and attention. 

These organizations, and so many more, are doing their best to help dogs everywhere, and they could use your help.

If you are able to volunteer your time or donate money to any of these organizations, or any shelters and non-profits in your area, you can help make the world a better place for dogs everywhere.

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