Dogs and Improved Health

Why do we make New Year’s resolutions only to gradually unmake them? We’ll feel so much better if we get a little extra shut eye, work out and lose that extra weight. A gluten free diet sounds like a good idea too. Brace yourself: only 8% of resolutions made are actually kept, a staggering unsubscribe rate if ever there was one. We continue to make resolutions each year, however, diligently giving thought to how much better our lives would be if we ate more quinoa. At the risk of stating the obvious, the successful resolution rate could be far higher if resolutions were less torturous and – gasp – fun! What if by better health, we’re talking lower blood pressure, improved mood, and more years on this planet without all that fiber? Great news, it can!

Look no further than man’s best friend. Those big eyes, wagging tail and always-happy-to-see-you face is a good mood no-brainer.

To be fair, it’s a dog, not a wand. Dogs don’t have magic powers. They are almost always ready for a walk, there to listen (and not judge), share a meal, or just hang out. In one fell swoop, they get us out of bed on time (to potty), get moving on a walk and worry less because we’re focused on them. There may be the occasional shoe-chew incident, but how can anyone stay mad when they look so darned sorry!

Live longer, live better. Spend time with your dog.

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